Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Messages to Our Fathers

First, the Pod People would like to congratulate Craig Lancaster on his new book The Summer Son, set to be released early in 2011 by Amazon Encore. Craig is an amazing writer, and we reviewed his 600 Hours of Edward here on the Peeps in its original self-published glory when it was titled 600 Hours of a Life.

To promote his new book, Craig has set up a blog over on wordpress titled Messages to our Fathers: Whether you have a story to share about your father or wish to anonymously post what you’ve always wanted to say to him, we’re here to contemplate these men and the way they shape our lives. Feel free to jump right in.

I was lucky enough to get in as the first post on the site. Submissions are open now, and don't forget to check out The Summer Son available for pre-order now.


LLBR said...

Wow! Congrats to Craig. AmazonEncore is really jumping in there and making a name for itself. We have a book review and author interview coming up next week with another AmazonEncore author.


Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Awesome Shannon. Can't wait.

Craig Lancaster said...

Thanks for the plug, Cheryl Anne. One thing I should point out: The cover image here is the one that was set for the indie version of "The Summer Son." Still waiting to see what AmazonEncore will come up with for the book.

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Shame, I like that one. If it changes, we'll replace the pic. I did notice when I was pre-ordering that there was no cover image, and I thought that was odd.