Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barnes & Noble Announces PubIt!(TM)

Barnes & Noble Announces PubIt!(TM), An Easy-to-Use Digital Publishing and Distribution Platform for Independent and Self-Publishers.

Seems like B&N are going to platform like Kindle for their Nook. Not much info yet, but as we get more we will pass it along. For now, here is an excerpt:

The announcement marks Barnes & Noble's latest move to continue to build one of the world's largest digital catalogs, spanning eBooks, journals, periodicals and other types of reading material. PubIt! titles will be distributed through BN.COM and Barnes & Noble's eBookstore, which currently offers more than one million digital titles to millions of dedicated customers in-store and online.

Independent publishers and writers will appreciate PubIt!'s simple and competitive royalty model and compensation process, the details of which will be available in the coming weeks. Content owners' intellectual property will be well-protected with Barnes & Noble's best-in-class digital rights management technology and offered in the industry standard ePub format that allows publishers' works to be enjoyed by millions of Barnes & Noble customers on hundreds of the most popular computing, mobile and eBook reading devices.


DED said...

I figure that Smashwords will have an agreement with them all lined up in time for launch. Or did I miss something?

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Smashwords already distributes to B&N as they will soon with Amazon.

This would be like the Kindle DTP platform I imagine, so authors can bypass the aggregator and epub direct with B&N like most of us already do with Amazon Kindle.

Smashwords might lose some of it's authors who will choose to to go direct with B&N in order to avoid the aggregator cut.

Shannon said...

I'm definitely doing it direct. Too may problems with Smashwords in this aspect.

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

What issues have you had Shannon? Thankfully, my Smashwords experience has been issue free. All my books are up on B&N and I didn't have a single problem. I don't care much for their PDFs or their Mobi files, so I make those on my own and load directly with Kindle and I sell my PDFs over on Scribd. If Smashwords would let us upload our own PDFs I would sell them there as well.

Shannon said...

Mainly formatting issues, and it takes so long to get another reply once you've made changes. I finally gave up. Like you, I'd prefer to do my own PDFs. I've done really well on the Kindle...sold more there than in paperback so I'm excited about this opp with the Nook.