Monday, April 05, 2010

Another Wonderous Self-publishing Endeavor

From: SF Gate's Mark Morford

"The Daring Spectacle", as the title suggests, is also a bit of a wild experiment.

Given the bleak state of pretty much the entire publishing industry right now -- newspapers yes, but also magazines and books -- and given the advice I received from multiple agents and publishers both large and small who offered to publish TDS even as they secretly questioned the value and necessity of the classic "book deal" in the modern age, well, I decided to bite the bullet, take the red pill, and ride the new media train to glorious salvation all on my own.

In other words, I have self-published "The Daring Spectacle" under my own, newly created imprint, my own company, my own one-man publishing empire. It is called Rapture Machine, Inc. Yes, a whole corporation, all to myself. Imagine the power. I shall be exploiting the masses and oppressing the workers any minute now. And vice-versa. I mean, wouldn't you?

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