Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Book Review Site

Review the Book

Now this is an offshoot of Readerviews, so it is a pay for review site; although they label it administration fees. However, I found this rather interesting in their "Sign up to become a Reviewer" Q&A Section:

Deposit Fee
We charge a $75.00** deposit fee. (**Please note: If you can promise me that you will not flake out on me, I'll certainly consider giving you honorary membership immediately. Just contact me using the contact link on the top right hand corner.)Why do we charge? This is to eliminate those that only want free books to read. Yes, we know, it doesn't seem right. However, we have another review site and over the past years we've had reviewers that signed up, received books and then we've never heard from them again. The mandatory deposit fee is for us to know you are serious. If you flake out on us after receiving the books, we will deduct the cost of the book and the shipping from your deposit and send it to the author/publisher to cover their costs.
However, the good news is that if you are a reviewer in good standing for one year, we will refund your total deposit and you will then become an honorary reviewer. If you decide to quit before the year is up, we will refund the fee to you providing you are in good standing but we will keep 15% for our admin costs. Thanks for understanding why we have to do this; we are trying to be fair to everyone.
Interesting, very very interesting, and a good way to weed out the free book mooches from the serious reviewers, I suppose.

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Emily Veinglory: said...

It sounds like a lazy way and self-serving to do it... : /