Tuesday, October 20, 2009

See, The Sky isn't Falling -- c.anne.gardner

I ran across this in depth interview with Richard Cleland from the FTC, and his comments echo what I have been saying all along: For book bloggers and many other other bloggers, the new FTC guidelines are really nothing more than a nuisance, one that is easily remedied with a simple disclaimer.

The Podpeople already have ours up. Why would we do that if there probably won't be any ramifications for us personally or professionally? Well, I, personally, mirror the sentiments of Dear Author here. It's the law, and the Peeps intend to follow it.

I understand that having ones' integrity called into question isn't a pleasant feeling. No one wants to be the focus of that sort of scrutiny -- feels a bit like a witch hunt. So it's natural that emotion took over and accusations went flying, but I read the 81 page document, twice, and I didn't feel any more angst over it that a few words of disclosure wouldn't immediately alleviate.

So, hands washed ... let's get on to more important things.

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Anonymous said...

Just put in my own disclaimer/notice about this on my site, too.