Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New self-POD book review blog

My Indy Book Review

"My mission is to: 1. Promote Indy books (aka self-published) by providing reviews of of books by self-published authors and networking opportunities for them. 2. Invite readers to explore and discover new independent authors and their books."


Mzadragon said...

Thanks for the plug! I'm very happy with the positive response so far!
Marc Archambault

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

Your welcome. Speak honestly and carry a big stick.

That's the only advice I give to new Book blogs reviewing SP authors.

Kidding. We have read some stellar books on this site over the years, and our featured authors are really talented people. We haven't had any author-behaving-badly situation over here.

Just don't be afraid to cull the queries. If you don't, submissions can get pretty unmanageable. Even the NYT doesn't review every book that comes across the editor's desk.

Henry Baum said...

Well, hmmn, not to step on something as it gets started but indie=independent. Indy=Indiana. Also, don't really think indie and self-published are interchangeable. A lot more falls under indie.