Monday, August 17, 2009

His Agent Suggested It ...

Interview with Raul Ramos y Sanchez, author of America Libre
August 12, 3:40 AM Latino Books Examiner Mayra Calvani

Q: Your road to publication is a wonderful success story. You self published the novel before it was picked up by Grand Central Publishing. How did that happen?

A:The decision to self-publish came from my agent. She’d never suggested it to a client before. But knowing about my more than 20 years experience in the ad business, she felt it might help prove the novel’s market viability. We had tried for months to find a publisher but the novel’s genre-bending premise had left several houses puzzled. Well, my agent’s idea proved to be a good one. Within five months I’d made 14 radio and TV appearances, held three book signings – and had a contact for the first two books of the AMERICA LIBRE trilogy from Grand Central Publishing. A lot of writers have asked if I think self-publishing is the way to go. I believe the decision will depend on your skills and willingness to promote your book. If you choose to self-publish, be prepared to be relentless.

Wise words from Mr. Sanchez. Read the rest of the Interview Here.

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