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The Rise of The Independent Author -- Holly Christine

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June 27, 2008
By Holly Christine

For quite some time, self-publishing has kept a bad reputation. It has often insinuated bad writing, not worthy of traditional publishing. Self-publishing was also pricey, as authors dished out thousands of dollars to see their work in print.

Today, the term is Independent, and Print-On-Demand technologies (such as CreateSpace, Lulu and BookSurge) have made it possible for unknown authors to make their presence known. For little to nothing, an author can upload their writing, create a cover and assign themselves an

Aspiring writers entering the publishing game shouldn't expect to make a killing off of sales. Still, self-publishing offers authors this: control and connection. They can control the destiny of their work and connect with readers on a personal level.

Independent authors offer readers a choice and connectivity and more readers are finding that self-published doesn't necessarily equate to sloppy, unwanted writing.

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You will notice that some authors we know are mentioned in the article. Congrats.

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