Thursday, June 25, 2009 offers exposure for your book, including a blog, social networking site, and membership is free. They offer some paid services: book trailers, setting up your page and the like, but other than that, no charge including free book reviews. The site founder is the same Jerry Simmons who founded

From NB's about page:

Specially designed as the Leading Global Social Networking Site for writers, authors, readers and book buyers, Nothing Binding unites these groups everywhere around the world. When you join, You can promote your books; connect with fellow writers and authors, hungry readers and book buyers; and discover great new writing. No fees, costs or charges.Your New Audience Awaits You at Nothing Binding. What Are You Waiting For?

Jerry Simmons, Creator and Publisher of Nothing Binding, says, “Nothing Binding Inspires, Educates and Unites Writers, Authors and Readers Across the Globe.”Nothing Binding gives:

  1. Undiscovered and rising writers and authors a unique platform to showcase their great works to readers and book buyers.
  2. Hungry readers special gems and new writing, that have been overlooked by mainstream, hard-to-reach, traditional publishers.
  3. Mainstream or traditional publishers launch fewer and fewer books every year. That does not mean for a second that these giants necessarily publish the best books or the greatest books or that they have a lock on the world’s great literature.
  4. Nothing Binding is Your Door toPublishing Opportunity and Unparalleled Success.

That’s why Nothing Binding is independent books’ dedicated voice, your voice.

"Nothing Binding" — reflects the power of independence.

Does a major publishing or distribution deal necessarily make a written work better? We think Not! Together, we – that includes You: writers, authors, readers and the Nothing Binding Team – will break the chains of the current publishing dinosaur system that is blocking the great wave of literary progress, learning and enjoyment. The coffee is better at home, anyway...

Disclaimer: This article is not an endorsement. It is for comparison purposes only. Information is quoted directly from the NothingBinding website. The link is provided.

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