Monday, June 01, 2009

AmazonEncore vs. Harper's Authonomy -- Nick de la Mare

Posted by Nick de la Mare On May 18, 2009

"Amazon is in a better position to win with its new self-publishing service than old-school book publishing houses. Perhaps the counter-intuitive way to save the publishing industry is to love books a little less, to cooperate instead of compete and to explore new vehicles for content."

"It's often said that the most profound industry transformations come from completely unexpected quarters. Nassim Nicholas Taleb's book The Black Swan, explored this theory. To paraphrase the work, many industries are inward-looking and, as a result, are best prepared to deal with issues that come from worlds similar to their own, and unprepared to deal with unexpected difficulties. The Black Swan theory is based on the assumption that the "impossible" or unimaginable will happen, especially to industries that have traditionally been more insular."

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