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Are Self-Publishing Companies Cheating -- Brent Sampson

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May 2009 -- Managing Article

Are Self-Publishing Companies “Cheating” by Removing the Hurdles to Get Your Books Published Faster? By: Brent Sampson

In spite of growing evidence that self-publishing is poised to replace (or at least match) traditional publishing in the future, many conventionally published authors (and those striving to become such) still view self-publishing with contempt. They feel self-publishing companies and those authors who choose to use them are "cheating" somehow. After all, getting a book published traditionally has always been "hard work." Those who have done it (or long to) perhaps feel as if self-published authors are not paying their dues. But are self-publishing writers really "cheating," or are they simply taking advantage of widespread changes taking place throughout the entertainment and business worlds?

Why Should the Book Publishing Industry Be Any Different Than The Music and Entertainment Worlds?

How the D-I-Y Mentality Removes Unnecessary Hurdles...

How a Self-Publishing Company is Like American Idol for Writers...

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lawrenceez said...

Sore subject for me.. ..I once saw an editor on the TV (England) speaking against the current trends in blogging and online publishing, saying the stuff needed proper editing. I fully respect her point of view - some stuff is so badly written and structured it gives online publishing a bad reputation - but equally I was quite annoyed with the way the editor put it, as if my work didn't really matter.

In regards to my writing, I received some positive feedback from agents complimenting my writing and choice of story, but there's always something...pace not quite right, not enough commercial appeal, too introspective.. The different agents don't even agree with each other. This is where I really value the self-publishing options.