Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Labyrinth Group Launches Labyrinth Press -- cannegarder

Cheyenne, WY, January 23, 2009 --( It's official, The Labyrinth Group, LLC has expanded their presence into book, music and art publishing through the launch of their new occult, new age and metaphysical traditional publishing division, Labyrinth House Publishing.

In mid February 2009, The Labyrinth Group will be expanding even farther with the launch of their Occult, Metaphysical and Paranormal Self-Publishing Division, Labyrinth Press. To their knowledge their is no other self publishing service, dedicated only to authors of these genres. This includes not only non-fiction but also the following fiction genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, etc.

Woohoo! This is a very fine thing indeed for those Indie artists who write in this genre. Prices are comparible to other subsidiary/self-pub sites, and they offer some extra services as well. See Pricing/package info here and the Self-Pub Faq here. I did notice one stipulation that I must make mention of because Indie authors struggle with the importance of editing and proofreading. Labyrinth States: Stipulations for inclusion on Labyrinth House Publishing's website: We do look over all submissions and books with numerous grammatical and spelling errors will not be eligible for inclusion on Labyrinth House Publishing's site. If this occurs you will be notified via email, at such time you can either rework your book or choose to print it and make it available on Labyrinth Press only.

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