Monday, January 19, 2009

The Fine Print of Self Publishing by Mark Levine

Jennifer Bogart over at has written a fine review of Mark Levine's Third Edition of his book titled: The Fine Print of Self-Publishing -- Contracts and Services of 45 Self-Publishing Companies Analyzed, Ranked, and Exposed. See full review here.
I myself have suffered a bit of personal dissatisfaction with a certain self-publisher, this dissatisfaction led me to switch companies last year. I have not read this book and cannot say that I endorse it, but Ms. Bogart has written a very unbiased review of the book, and her last comment leads me to believe that this book might be a timesaving and invaluable resource for authors seeking to self-publish. I'll let Ms. Bogart's final comment stand on its own:

"Reading The Fine Print is akin to taking a favourite uncle who’s mechanically inclined car shopping with you. Levine walks with you through the services and legalese presented by these companies. If you plan on publishing with a publisher that you pay for its services, you cannot afford to skip reading The Fine Print of Self-Publishing. This is a required title in your stacks of research materials. Shell out the $12.21 at Amazon; you could potentially save thousands of dollars and a vicious, life-long loss of rights to your work that some authors have suffered from at the hands of unethical publishers."

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Mick Rooney said...


I found the previous edition of Levine's 'Fine Print ...' excellent, and this one proves, in particular with iUniverse, that he is in no way prepared to cosy up to POD companies if their service or contract changes to the detriment of the author.

It's a must read for anyone considering this area of publishing.