Sunday, January 11, 2009

Diggory Press Update

Things seem to be going from bad to worse at UK self-publisher Diggory Press. It has been plausibly suggested by Stephen Manning that the owner of Diggory is also the owner of Christian self-publisher provider Kingdom Come Publishing, making them one to avoid. (And also of the this prophecy blog.)


ctabuk said...

Well I never got paid for The Black Box - however, there was a happy ending for me - liked the story and it is now with Legend Press - renamed The Adventures of Michael Fane. But I do feel very sorry for anyone else. I hope my warning on my blog has helped.

Anonymous said...

For the latest on the Diggory Press scandal, and assorted 'business ventures' of Rosalind Miriam Franklin, please see here:

Best wishes to all


Anonymous said...

For the latest in Diggory Press v Stephen, please follow this link:-

Stephen said...

Hi Folks - sorry I didn't respond sooner to the above post.

By the way - 'sleuth-for-truth' is yet another of Mrs Franklin's aliases which she uses to attack others online, and the website above has since been pulled for breaching their T & C's - specifically defamation and libel.

Mrs Franklin also set up two more similar websites with multiple misleading pages and a number of false 'posters' in a desperate attempt to discredit me in particular - and those of us who are taking her on in Court. They too have been pulled for the same reasons.

Mrs F recently 'failed-to-appear' at a Court appearance in Liverpool, UK, and had judgement awarded against her in the matter of fraud, deception and breach of contract. She has also transferred her businesses into a new company called Author's Chance Ltd.. so prospective authors, please be aware!

Details can be seen here:

As for her alter-ego as an end-times-prophetess; I have no religious axe to grind, but in my opinion 'Miraiam' is no more of a 'spiritual authority' than my goat - and she most certainly has a more cantankerous disposition.. Not to be taken seriously, unless of course you are the unfortunate target of her 'divinely-inspired' accusations or judgements..

Next Court hearing Nov 9th 2009 - 'let's pray' for justice to be done!

Anonymous said...

cantankerous indeed-I know full well this character flaw of Miriam having experienced her angry nature when opposed in even most friendly of manner

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