Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get Free Books!

One of the good things about being a book reviewer is getting free books. One of the bad things about being a book reviewer is what to do with free books.

Well, here at POD People, we've come up with an idea - a book giveaway! Here's how it works - on the last Friday of the month, we'll post an announcement saying what we're giving away. You post a comment. We hold a random drawing, and the lucky commenter wins, then we'll mail it to you.

Cheryl Anne Gardner is sponsoring this month's drawing, and she's offering a copy of Ken Sweet's novel Clean.

So, come on back next Friday for your chance to win!


Shannon said...

Best of luck with the contests! I was on the verge of doing this over at the Lulu Book Review. I tested the waters this month by giving away a free marketing book, but the response has been minimal. I even tried advertising it over at the Lulu forums. No one wants free books, I guess. (shrugs)

Chris Gerrib said...

If it bombs it bombs.

Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

That funny Shannon because breenie books has great success with her giveaways. We shall see what happens.

No loss trying.

Oh and all the books I am giving away I actually purchased myself. I don't solicit free hardcopies from authors. Pdf's only and if I like it, I buy and read it again. That's just my thing.

Apoorva said...

well i would love to get free books...coz i love reading but coz i am a student, i cant spend much on buying them :(
real nice to c some ppl offering free books...