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REVIEW: 'Dragon Ring' by Lettie Prell

Title: Dragon Ring
Author: Lettie Prell
Price: $15.95
Genre: Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-9795889-6-9
Publisher: Flying Pen Press
Point of Sale: Amazon

I met Lettie Prell at Wiscon, which is billed as the “world’s leading feminist science fiction convention.” She was selling copies of her first novel, Dragon Ring, at a launch party for the book. I’m a sucker for authors selling their books, so I took a flyer and bought a copy. I’m glad I did.

Dragon Ring is the story of Nadine Xitumul-Washington, a half-Guatemalan, half-American girl. She lives with her family in Guatemala, which has become a corporate-owned country, and quite prosperous. Nadine’s mother is attuned to native spirituality, specifically Mayan, and Nadine shows some tendencies as well. However, Nadine is more interested in modern technology and virtual reality.

The story starts a bit slowly at first, as Nadine explores then rejects her Mayan sprit powers, but do pay attention to the story told to Nadine in Chapter 1. It starts to pick up when her father, Cypress, is killed. He had become involved, to the point of being an absentee father, in a somewhat mysterious US-based company called AEI, developing a free-energy device. When Nadine graduates from college, she applies for a job at the same company, and starts investigating what they are really up to.

This is where the story gets good, and picks up a lot. Since the plot is basically a science fiction mystery, I can’t discuss it further, other than to say there’s a cameo by Nikola Tesla. Ms. Prell weaves together an interesting tale of magic, science and aliens, creating if you will a unified theory of these three items.

As far as I can tell, this is the first book by Flying Pen Press, based in Denver, Colorado. They are using print-on-demand as their production medium. The various technical aspects of the book are very professional, including editing and production. I truly enjoyed Dragon Ring, and look forward to more works from Ms. Prell.

Rating: 10/10

chrisChris Gerrib is a resident of Villa Park, IL and Director of Technology for a Chicago-area bank. Chris is the author of the science fiction novel The Mars Run. He holds degrees from the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University and is president-elect of the Rotary Club of Darien, IL.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review. I am glad you liked our edition of Lettie Prell's Dragon Ring.

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