Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Self-Publishing 6th Sense

I was reading a blog I like, Dark Roasted Blend, and saw an ad for a book. I could tell it was self-published as soon as I saw the ad. Is this because...

a) Emily is psychic
b) The not-so-good cover art is a tell
c) The not-so-comprehensible ad copy is a tell (see below)
d) Duh, it was advertised on a blog

"More than an ordinary tale about an elf! Chessie -who's got a really cute dog- straddles two worlds: the human and the undiscovered world of elves. Read how Chessie discovers her magical powers, deals with dangers and triumphs."

Edited to add: Due to some trolling, that I guess I may have asked for, comments are temporarily being moderated.


Shannon said... you've got me worried....I worked all day Saturday on cover art for my next book....(bites nails nervously)

Emily Veinglory said...

I may have been struck by a random bolt of bitchery there. But I was interested that I could look at the add and tell. In fact I also thought it was most likely to be iU/authorhouse with Lulu as second most likely. Maybe I have just been doing this too long. I though iU because an author willing to pay $200 for a blog ad is also more likely to have used a pay-to-pay printer to keep the cover price down.