Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorry, no review this Friday--veinglory

The other peeps are busy, apparently. I have dental woes, a writing deadline and well... stuff. I do have a few books, some I have had for a while. If I think a book looks good but I am not in the mood, I put it aside for a while. So a few of you may have seen me mention having your book, but no review yet. Please believe me, you probably don't want me reading it with a developing tooth abscess. It is a truism that being published badly is worse than not being published at all. I suspect the same is true of reviews--but I will get back to all those books eventually.


Anonymous said...

Is that picture a representation of you? What's the brown and what's the white?
Hope your dental woes go away.

veinglory said...

It's meant to be me getting squashed by a book. But the mad art skills, also not so much today.

Anonymous said...

Oh... I thought it was some sort of brown headwear, but a book squashing you is better :)
I have to say I'm often fascinated by the little pictures you add to your blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Hope the writing is going well!