Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Cup of Tea--veinglory

For those of you thinking about submitting a query. Please give use you email in the text (it is forwarded to a yahoogroup and so the senders email is not shown) and a nice concise synopsis. Here are some examples of what a few of the POD reviewers are more interested in:

"Literature -- dark humour, but serious satire is ok too. Say along the lines of Brett Easton Ellis, or Christopher Moore, or Chuck Palahniuk, or Denis Johnson."

"Science fiction, mystery, history."

"Travel narratives, nonfiction along the lines of radical politics, activism, eccentric biographies (I'm talking like Boxcar Bertha style here), alternative education/medicine/living projects, do it yourself manuals and how to books, and that sort of subculture, off-the-beaten path, underground sort of thing, science fiction, magical realism, macabre, mind f-- sort of lit."

"Pulp-style, cross genre especially with western, unusual romances, erotica."

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