Monday, March 10, 2008

A new system--veinglory

There will be a new system for authors to submit books for review. I would ask you to send a query with anything you want to say about the book. Please keep it under 500 word, include your email address and specify whether you are offering an e-book or print review copy. Send this query in the body of an email to podpeep at

If one of the peeps wishes to review the book they will contact you directly. You will not automatically be contacted if no reviewer is interested in your book. However if you want to double check that your query was posted feel free to ask for a status report after one month.

If you would like to review for POD People please get in touch. As you can see books are not assigned and there is no 'minimum participation' requirement. However preference will be given to people who have some sample reviews (or similar non-fiction material) to show and who are willing to review at least a few times a year.


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the info on review requests. The E-Mail address posted came back as undeliverable though. I did remove the "at" and replace it with an @.

Is it supposed to be people instead of peep? Either way, the e-mail address is not working.

Thanks for all of the work that you do on the reviews and the blog. Hope you're having an excellent day

pod said...

I am not sure what the problem is as the email is correct as listed and other queries are getting through. If it still won't work you can try my address of veinglory at