Thursday, March 27, 2008

Need Peeps!--veinglory

So the blog is having a little bit of a lull. I will start getting things back on track by posting a review of my own every Friday. Of course I can always use a little help. The way it works is this, author queries go to the closed yahoogroup for reviewers. The reviewer contacts the author directly for a copy of the book. POD People makes non-exclusive use of the review. If the reviewers want to also post it to their own blog etc I doubt anyone will mind.

So the long and the short of it is, if you think you might be interested in reviewing for us please drop me a line at veinglory at Let me know a little bit about yourself and link to or attach a short writing sample, preferably a book review. The only limitation is that if you are sent a print copy of the book you need to either provide a review or forward the book to a second reviewer. I want authors to know that if they send the book, they will get a review. If you are sent an ebook copy and decide you can't review it you need to delete your review copy and notify me and the author. There is no participation requirement, you just watch the list for a book you think you might enjoy.

In other news I have recently decided that I might actually self-publish something myself. I am rather nervous about seeing the process from the other side. More about that later.

p.s. Thanks to the folks at iUniverse Book Reviews for drawing our attention to this alarming possibility, which may not come as a complete surprise to ebook authors who remember the Mobi-purge.

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Chris Gerrib said...

as of 8:55 AM today (3/28) my "buy" button on Amazon works just fine.