Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Ides of Plagiarism"--veinglory

Readers have noted that widely reviewed iUniverse book 'The Fates' by Tino Georgiou (2007) bears a real close resemblance to Fawcett Books 'Wildsong' by Catherine Creel (1996).

This first suggested by the sceptical 'Flubu' at Amazon forums after seeing a disparity between the book's Amazon reviews and its quality. He says:

There seems to be a great deal of similarity between the Fates and a book called "Wildsong" by Catherine Creel which was published in 1996.

To follow the whole story try this site.


googler said...

Considering The Fates was originally released in 1986, and just re released in 2007 I'd say you have bad information.

Mark (not Twain) said...

I think you're getting confused with "Challenge the Fates" by Jo Ann Algermissen, which was indeed published in 1986.
That is not the same book as Tino Georgiou's "The Fates"