Thursday, January 31, 2008


Wordclay is Author Solutions answer to Lulu. That is to say, a self-publishing provider that doesn't charge an up front fee. Dog Ear is not impressed (and should spellcheck their analysis if they want to make a good impression for their own company)


Anonymous said...

For those familiar with POD, Dog Ear is owned by amateurs who made a company by copying everyone else. Their inability to spell indicates their weak publishing abilities. Also, these yo yo's should not be trusted as their marketing ethics are lacking.

Lulu puts out crap. What genius thinks Wordclay is the answer? It's a sad day in POD and a sell out by iUniverse. This quote comes from the iUniverse CEOs blog as her summary comment to her closing the Lincoln office: "In the coming months, our vision will be revealed. And publishing will never be the same — just wait and see."

Brilliant!! And publishing will be forever changed by a fired security software CEO who plans to just flip a shell of a company to make some bucks. Right! Let's get real folks. Nothing extraordinary happening here except a desperate venture capitalist trying to make it's money back after a bad idea.

Dusk Peterson said...

I'm not impressed either. Wordclay doesn't post its per-page prices, but a 300-page 6x9 book costs $3 more at Wordclay than at Lulu. As at Lulu, distribution costs extra. As at Lulu, the actual printer is Lightning Source. Unlike Lulu, there's no option to use your own ISBN (as opposed to purchasing an ISBN through Wordclay).