Sunday, February 24, 2008

The season of the underdog--veinglory

I read this in Times today:

"This has been the season of the underdogs, of plot twists and reckonings, a Superbowl of the ages that saw David smite Goliath ... Dogs, however, are judged not against one another but against perfection, and here, in all its modesty, was the magic: Uno became the first beagle to win the hound group since 1939. ... This was, the fans declared, a victory for the People's Dog, the dog next door..." (Nancy Gibbs, Times, February 25).

I think self-publishing is an underdog. But the answer is not to dress up a beagle like a borzoi, to set the dogs against each other or declare the competition is rigged. All we can ever do is write a book that is as close to perfection as we can get it and give a good book its due.

Some people will never find a beagle beautiful, but I genuinely believe that self publishing is the peoples publishing: of the people, by the people, and most importantly for the people. It is the publishing next door. And if the book is good, genuinely good, and it is out their where readers can find it, it's time will come.

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