Sunday, January 06, 2008

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How To Start a Profitable Book Review Business

Brought to my attention by the good people at iUniverse Book Reviews. Right now I am too busy being boggled to say much. But if you really want to know what I really think about this, I could tell you....

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Tabitha said...

Thank you for picking up the torch for legitimate reviewers. Since I try to avoid the obvious slap-fights, I am mentioning this point here instead of at IAG. The person who is defending the most despicable of the paid review sites has not read the later statements on the the paid review site. It is very obvious that the site offered a lot more free reviews in the beginning than they are doing now. Only books in the YA genre need apply for the free reviews now. How old are the people reviewing these YA books? I shudder to think. The person defending these greedheads has apparently never learned the subtleties of American capitalism. Offer a sweet deal to bring in the customers early on, then raise prices and rake in the cash! My leading complaint with iU is still the same. The $99 deal is now a $599 package. Somebody we know once offered free reviews so they can now sell them for $75. We are all diminished by paid reviewers.