Thursday, December 27, 2007

REVIEW: 'Israel in color and black & white' by Yaad Etgar

TITLE: Israel in color and black & white
AUTHOR: Yaad Etgar
PRICE: $15.63 (download)
GENRE: Non-Fiction

This book is meant to show "the good side" of Israel. To me it seemed more like a fairly haphazard selection of photographs by a photographer who happens to reside in Israel. Many of the pictures are of commonplace scenes: streets, parks and zoos. Quite a few of the pictures seem more like tourist or family shots.

The best pictures are very good, but a great many are fairly ordinary. Contrast seems low, especially in the black and white shots. Framing and focus is sometimes effectively experimental but often just seems off.

Overall this was an interesting but disorganised collection of photographs that night be worth $15 in paperback, but for a download I would consider that price more than a little steep. No preview is offered but the cover is a fairly representative work.


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