Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random Blog meme--veinglory

I don't know if you have met this meme. If not, feel free to use it. You Google "your name is" and list the most amusing 10 from the first page:

pod people are alarming not because they're happy being pod people but because they insist that everyone should become a pod person
You should become a POD Person. Yes, you. Email me now.

Pod people are kizool, or so the young people tell me
Ki-what now? Apparently I am not 'young people'.

Pod People are Beatboy and Raz, two big fags living in Melbourne, Australia
Um, I could deny it but you'd only think I protested too much.

pod people are taking over!
Very, very slowly.

Pod People are harmless, as long as you do not put your hand by their ear or attempt to unplug them which point they bite repeatedly, abduct your goldfish and burn down your house.

How many of you Pod People are there?!?!
Right now, four active, a few fading in and out and hopefully a new one.

pod people are assembled in the town square
...The digital town square. The revolution will not be on pavement.

Pod people are kind and caring to each other because they know they are connected to everyone else the inter-tubes.

pod people are externally identical
I couldn't swear otherwise, but it seems rather unlikely.

...we get to see how the pod-people are formed and let me tell you, it's pretty gross.
It involves a lightning rod, three weasels and a greased cucumber.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant Emily ... I love being a pod person and we are taking over!