Tuesday, December 04, 2007

FREEVIEW: 'How the World Will End' by Will Entrekin

TITLE: How the World Will End
AUTHOR: Will Entrekin

I have heard quite a lot about Will Entrekin. If you go anywhere near self-POD blogs you probably have too. It seems he can write, but it really isn't clear what he writes about. So what the hell, I thought I would try one of his free stories.

HOW THE WORLD WILL END is a page and a half of prose that shows that the author certainly knows how to put words together and format them nicely into a final product. It starts rather conrete, become rather more... um, abstract I guess. Call me overly literal but I didn't really get it.

I am left certain that Will Entrekin knows how to write but I am not sure that I would be interested in anything he chose to write about. Hmmm. So I am not sure that reading this freeview really has any effect on my opinion at all.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks much for the mention/review. Glad to hear you liked the writing and design.

will entrekin