Sunday, November 18, 2007

Online Round Up

Print on demand: A tale of self-publishing on the web by Paul Lima
"Could traditional book publishers be heading the way of traditional music companies, which are heading the way of dinosaurs, thanks to the internet? ... Now, let's be honest. Most writers who self-publish will not be successful"

There is a new site called Self Publishers Place that seems worth a look. They provide a forum area for self-publishers to meet and compare notes.

There is another new group starting up called the Independent Authors Guild with a yahoogroup here.

And check out this informative blog post about the importance of distribution of you want your book to be picked up by brick and mortar stores.
"..when I buy a book for our store, I’m usually seeking something close to or around a 40% discount. (The medical reference titles are a totally different story.) I also need the book to be returnable ..."

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