Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I suggest checking out Sarah Weisman's blog about the MWA exclusion of self-published books, and so exclusion of some undeniably great books including 'Songs of Innocence' by Charles Ardai, from consideration for the Edgar Award.

Most of the comments, pro and con, are surprising reasonable and well thought out. With the exception of I.J.Parker saying: "It seems to me that the choice lies in the hands of the authors. If inclusion in the Edgars matters to them, then they should not self-publish those works they wish submitted for judging."

Which is right up there with suggesting that women should have children to minutely reduce their chances of getting breast cancer, or for the tax breaks. (As opposed, just for example, to actually wishing to be a mother and raise a child to the very best of their abilities)


L.K. Campbell said...

So the backlash against self-publishing is spreading. It's almost has if traditionally pubbed authors feel threatened by self-publishing, and I just don't understand that at all. The general put-downs (like the comment you cited) are getting old, frankly. In the few last years, the self-publishing "industry" has grown and is becoming a force in the publishing world. It has even gained a little bit (baby steps) of respect thanks to the good authors who are choosing to self-publish good books. I think the balance will shift in the future just as it did in the movie industry with the rise of independent film makers who bucked the studio system.

veinglory said...

Fortunately most general readers, in my experience, still think a book is a book is abook.