Sunday, November 18, 2007

DA BLOG: Send Us...

Here at POD People we invite self-published authors to send us:
* New release announcements--preferable at least one month before, no more than one month after.
* Press releases.
* Reviews of your books from mainstream magazines
* Provide answers to our prepared questions on self-publishing (MY STORY) or your last purchase of a self-published book (ANATOMY OF A PURCHASE).
* Questions about self-publishing (VOX POP).

Below are a number of interview topics. If you have interesting, informed opinions on these subjects and would like to respond to a 5-10 question interview please get in touch.
* Publishing only in print, or only as ebook.
* Promotion and marketing strategies that work.
* Getting the best editing, formatting and cover design (for the least amount of money).
* Fee-charging self-publishing services, pros and cons.
* How to overcome (or avoid) the self-publishing stigma.
* ...or suggest another topic.

email: podpeep at

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