Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HALLOWEEN REVIEW: 'A Clash of Fangs' by Roger Hyttinen

Sorry for the slightly late start to Halloween review week.

TITLE: A Clash of Fangs
AUTHOR: Roger Hyttinen
PRICE: 16.95
GENRE: Gay, romance, horror
ISBN: 978-0595207138
PUBLISHER: iUniverse

Even when it came out in 2001 'A Clash of Fangs' must have been a little dated. It is a paranormal gay romance rather than a horror. I picked it for Halloween because the blurb suggests our hero, Steve, had fallen for a man who was not just a vampire, but a murderer--a real monster. It seemed to me that that couldn't end well, there had to be an element of horror.

As it turned out, and not to give too much away, I was wrong. What remains is a competently written romance adventure with plucky gay hero's facing an evil vampire. The overall tale is easy enough to read but never riveting. I would also have to vote the vampire on the cover doesn't exactly look like the ravishing hunk described inside.

For quality of writing it might have scored a little higher but gay vampire romance is actually something of a cliche these days and this one is very much inside the box. For something a little more invigorating that really puts a twist on the mythos and tackles the monster/lover conundrum head on check out Running Dry by M Christian.

RATING: 6/10

Reviewed by Emily Veinglory: Emily Veinglory is a writer of m/m erotic romance and fantasy with a dark or paranormal twist. Her fantasy novel King of Dragons, King of Men is now available on Amazon.com

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