Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HALLOWEEN FREEVIEW: 'The Art of Human Sacrifice' by Patrick Mackeown

TITLE: The Art of Human Sacrifice
AUTHOR: Patrick Mackeown
PRICE: free

The Art of Human Sacrifice is competently written. The only issue I have with presentation that that paragraphs are marked with indents, but intermittently they are also separated by a blank line for no apparent reason.

The idea might be familiar to a lot of people. At least I doubt I was the only one that had late night conversation about the abstract possibility of killing someone at random and getting away with it. Only for the protagonist of this first person tale the issue suddenly gets a lot less abstract. The idea of the story is undeniably interesting.

I liked how the plot which took a slight twist near the end but felt it could have been resolved more emphatically. I guess this short story would make me somewhat more interested in reading the author's longer work, but not enough to reach for my credit card.

RATING: 6/10

Reviewed by Emily Veinglory: Emily Veinglory is a writer of m/m erotic romance and fantasy with a dark or paranormal twist. Her fantasy novel King of Dragons, King of Men is now available on

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