Sunday, October 28, 2007

'ClimBing' by Henk van Os--veinglory

TITLE: ClimBing
AUTHOR: Henk van Os
PRICE:paperback $36.15
PUBLISHER: Corporelligence bv

I took a look at ClimBing rather on impulse. The book is just over 100 pages long and each page is a colorful work of digital art. There are flashes of brilliance, humor, concepts and craft. I found the progression of the illustrations ultimately most interesting as a glimpse into one person's creative world and process. The motif of a ladder makes connections between the works which have a self-confident, vivid quality that I found appealing even when an individual work didn't strike me as 100% successful. The artist's work is spirited and prolific enough for a few lapses in techniques and presentation to not be a serious flaw.

Several of the pieces appealed to me enough that I would be more than happy to have them on my currently boring white and bare apartment walls. I hope Henk van Os either is, or will consider, making them available as prints. At over $30 the print copy is rather expensive, no doubt unavoidable when a book contains so many full color pages. However the book works very well on the computer if you set your screen to fit a page at a time rather than trying to view them by scrolling up and down. The preview gives a reasonable indication of the book's content and quality but it does develop page upon page. I hope the ebook price will be low enough to encourage readers to take a chance on ClimBing even if they don't usually buy art books.

RATING: 7/10

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