Thursday, September 06, 2007


Authorhouse and iUniverse have officially merged under the banner of Author Solutions.


Anonymous said...

I think that this means someone sees the potential for money by investing in this biz. That suggests these same people are interested in taking this to the next level and providing a credible, marketable alternative to the publishing world. Of course, they could think that and still be full-blown batsh*t crazy, but it's a hopeful sign all the same.

kmfrontain said...

If this merged outfit charges before publishing fees to authors, then I'm not the least interested. They either beat Lulu's deal, or they can go away. As far as I'm concerned, any outfit using POD has no business charging a fee prior to publishing. They can simply charge for each sold book, just like Lulu does. If the company states the fee is necessary for quality control, I say bull. If the fee is for promotion, I say bull again. They can recommend editing services prior to publishing, and they can offer optional promotional services for set fees after publishing, or they can just admit they're making money off of authors who don't know any better.