Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From Self-Published to Big House Success -- Part Two

Continued from this post. The following is excerpted from the promotional materials for 'Rashi's Daughters, Book II: Miriam'.

Goldinger encouraged Anton to hire a publicist whose areas of expertise included Jewish books. Most important, she convinced her that without a major distributor, "Rashi's Daughters" would never get into bookstores or libraries. Together, they produced a marketing plan thorough enough for Biblio to accept little Banot Press for distribution.

Marketing was key to Anton's success. "Jewish women readers are hungry for books that feature Jewish heroines, especially historical ones, and I knew where to find that niche audience: synagogues, women's organizations like Hadassah, and book clubs," says Anton. She started with an appearance at the Women's Rabbinic Network conference. "Let's face it -- if I couldn't sell "Rashi's Daughters" to women rabbis, I might as well give up." While there, Anton sold copies to two-thirds of the attendees, and came away with their roster.

Next came a couple of Jewish groups' regional conventions, where she again sold copies to most of the people she spoke to, and left with another list of names and contact information. At the same time, her publicist was shipping out review copies to the major media and the Jewish press, in addition to leaders of Jewish book groups. Packets of information were sent to every single Jewish bookstore and Judiaca specialty shop in the country. "Then I hit the phone and computer, calling and emailing every organization I could find that might invite me to speak about Rashi, his daughters and medieval Jewish women," says Anton. She stressed that the lecture was free, since she was doing this to promote her book, and the invitations began rolling in.

The final part of the story will have to wait until tomorrow, I need to finish off my review to email into Forbidden Fruit. I enjoyed the book immensely! I may have to get hold of a copy of part one to review for POD People....

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