Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Begins With a Single Step

The POD People already have our regular features 'My Story' (for authors to discuss how self-publishing is working for them) and 'Anatomy of a Purchase' (for readers to describe why they bought a self-published book). We would like to add to this the feature 'B egins with a Single Step'.

BWASS will be a frank and full reaction to an author's main online point of sale. All you should provide is the genre, and a link to the website you see as you main entry point for customers (own site, Lulu, Amazon, blog--I leave that up to you). Email this to PODpeep at gmail.com with the title 'BWASS:[genre].

In return a reviewer interested in that genre will give a full account of the impression they got from the site and of the book, and anything that put them off or made a poor impression.

Who knows, if you did a very good job they might request a review copy!

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