Friday, August 31, 2007

Mrs Giggles

So today the rumor mill quickly let me know that my fantasy novel [self-promotion alert] 'Father of Dragons' had been reviewed at Mrs. Giggles. I ran right over there and noticed two things. 1) Not a bad review--kinda the sort of review I would give the book if I was somehow... not me, and 2) Mrs. Giggles is reviewing self-POD!

Some people on the internet rant and roar and never do anything, while some like Mrs. G just get on with doing things without advance notice or subsequent fanfare. (I am somewhere in between in that I grumble and whine and sometimes actually do something if it is at least mildly amusing to do).

So far there is one book (The Bunkie Story) reviewed both there and here and spookily I discovered that Mrs. Giggles' rating of 78 (7.8 on a 10 point scale) is exactly equal to the average rating for the book at the end of our review. I guess you would call that a developing consensus?

Anyway, it is great to see self-POD books on a mainstream review site. Thank you, Mrs. Giggles.

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G R Grove said...

Look again - she's got one up for Storyteller, too!