Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moving the Furniture

Changes lie ahead! The inimitable Dawno is busy, busy, busy. I didn't sell my soul to the devil for her help, but the neighbor is missing a few chickens. I have also had my thinking cap on.

POD People started as a website, then the blog was added. Now it is clear that posting all reviews both on the blog and the website is too time consuming and I am well behind. So I think in the next upgrade I will swap to just linking from the fixed website to the blog rather than posting in both places. Any objections?

Hopefully this would free up some time to add extra features on the website rather than duplicating what is already here. But make the reviews on the blog easier to find by listing them by genre.


Anonymous said...

From Pamela:

I'm all for change. Life isn't so mundane.

I think your idea is great and more time efficient.

Go For It!!!


Cheryl Anne Gardner said...

What ever makes it easier for you. I am all in favor. Anything to keep the blog going.

aliah said...

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