Thursday, June 28, 2007


Okay so I know some of you have written a self-published book, others are considering it and a few of you are reviewers. But here is a question from the book mouse.

What was the last self-published book that you bought, and why?

My answer: 'A Clash of Fangs' by Riger Hyttinen (iuniverse), because I'm a sucker for gay vampires ;)


Steph_J said...

Most of the self-published books I’ve bought were because the writer’s style managed to engage me, even if I wasn’t crazy about the topic. Since the book mouse wants to know specifically about the last book I bought, it is called ‘Coincidences in the Bible and in Biblical Hebrew’ by Haim Shore (iUniverse). I purchased this book for research.

Chris Gerrib said...

The most recent book was SHOOT Only at the Red Plane by Jim Coons. The author lives in Villa Park, found out about me via the local newspaper, and called for advice. It's a history of WWII radio-controlled target drones.

The other self-published book I bought was Outre Mer by Michael Puttre. I reviewed an e-book and liked it so much that I bought a hard copy. It's a science fiction space opera.

Elmore Hammes said...

Haggaroth's Curse:The Final Sunset by Gary Davidson. He was doing a book signing at my local library.

Becky Mushko said...

The Red Flannel Rag by Peggy Shifflet, retired sociology professor from Radford U. Her self-pubbed book about growing up in Appalachia has sold nearly 8,000 copies and is used in several Appalachian studies classes at Virgnia colleges. Loved it! Very readable and rich in detail!

Last POD book I bought was Burning the Furniture(Authorhouse), a memoir by Blue Ridge Business Journal editor Dan Smith. Well-written and engaging.

Both authors live in my general region. I met Peggy at a book-signing; I've never met Dan but I'd read his stories when he used to be a reporter for the Roanoke, VA, newspaper.

Note that both these writers had credentials. I knew before I bought the books that their writing was good.