Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where do you buy/sell self-POD books?

Now, I must confess that these days I get most of my self-POD books via review copies. Other than that it would be a rough three-way split between Lulu (ebooks) and hard copies from Amazon.com and bookstores (local authors for the most part, presumably). I would love to hear the main sales form/venue authors are exploiting and readers are using. Do tell!


Heather said...

Most of my sales come from Amazon.com, but sometimes I'll sell a copy I have with me to someone I meet.

G R Grove said...

So far about 50% of my sales for Storyteller have been through direct personal contacts in my original niche market (the SCA), 35% through the internet (amazon to lulu ratio of 3:1), and the remainder through work contacts, friends of friends, etc. A number of the Amazon sales have followed favorite reviews on this review ring. I haven't so far tried to get the book into physical bookstores, though I might try one of the local independants presently.

Most of the books I buy nowadays are historical references, so not POD published :)

Chris Gerrib said...

All my sales have been online, due to laziness on my part. I run about 3 Amazon to 1 Lulu sale.