Friday, April 20, 2007

With publishers like these--self-publishing is looking better every day...

So is this a joke, or just the kind of publisher that makes you realise that there are many options for publishing out there that are significantly more risky than just doing it yourself? You be the judge:

The members at the Absolute Write forums had the temerity to be a leetle sceptical about start-up publisher Tinyhorn Press.

Tinyhorm responded by posting on their website: "It's come to my attention Tinyhorn is being attacked by an elderly woman. (author) Victoria Strauss who I'm told writes second-rate, Fantasy Ebooks, (sister site 4 book reviews) and is involved with a website called Was it her work rejected or James D. Macdonalds, Donal? Consequently we can no longer accept unagented manuscripts."

and a few days later: "The beauty of M.B is undeniable, the ugliness of absolutewrite is obvious. Those old old sea-hags have always been jealous of how pretty I am. I could wrestle any of those geriatrics into submission in seconds, if I wasn't busy using their manuscripts as toilet paper, I've been pooping on them all day. I have a new site,up and running and yes It gets literary agents since I know many of them PERSONALLY. They don't even know what absolutewrite is (more like absolute crap). Please come back soon! I'm going to turn this site into a pay for peek, where you can use (paypal) and watch me and my girlfriends peeing on images of your work, your pictures, and your manuscripts. (Really.) Stupid people in groups seem to back each other up. P.S. The first page (the red with the music) will be back! Later bitches. P.S.S I've already received some of your submissions at my new site, under it's new name."

And currently they seem to have no website posted at all.

I can only conclude that the whole thing is somehow a joke website--or the someone is a few sandwiches short of the whole picnic. In any case. Lulu et al offer a far better deal than some of the interesting individuals out their starting up "tradional" presses.

But you already knew that.

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