Sunday, April 08, 2007

'Plaything' by Sara Winters

Title: Plaything
Author: Sara Winters
Price: $5.00
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Lulu Press
Point of Sale:

It is great to find a women writing erotica that celebrates sex without fitting into the overgrown genres of erotic romance or literary erotica. Sara Winters introduces Chris, a famous actor with conflicting feelings about sex--and Desiree an adventurous erotica and fan-fiction writer. The characters have an authentic feeling and the story sets up a no-hold-barred sexy evening that leaves them both with fond memories. The set-up creates some great sexual tension, although the ending of the story is somewhat anti-climactic.

I found the story a bit muddled, however. It opens with a section of introspection and exposition that was long, especially given the story is only novelette length. The point-of-view shifts rather a lot and the sexual scenario involves the characters switching Dom and sub roles rapidly back and forth without and prior arrangements or limits. Overall I felt the sex was not really very daring given that heroine's persona as an erotica writer who tests her plots in real life. Overall the story was certainly a fun read but not as satisfying as it could have been of the sexual scenario was more focused and adventurous and the ending provided more of a resolution.

RATING: 5/10

Reviewed by Emily Veinglory: Emily is a writer of fantasy, romance and erotica. Her first paperback novel King of Dragons, King of Men will be available this October from Samhain Press. The ebook version is on sale now.

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