Friday, April 27, 2007

Can't get enough of....?

My feeling has always been that self-POD thrives in addressing niche markets. These are small but significant markets not quite capable off producing the intense buying surge required to sell out an offset print run. These might be special interests, local authors, kinks and quirks, unfashionable genres or experimental works. But before I say anything more about this I have a question.

What sort of literature do you want to read, that the mainstream offset publishers are not providing, or not providing enough of?

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Timothy Fish said...

That was my thought when I published my book, Church Website Design: A step by step approach, through Booksurge. Given the niche nature of the topic I figured that a large traditional publisher would not be able to justify spending the money required to print the book. I also didn't want to wait a year and a half to two years to see the book in print. When I chose the topic for the book I specifically chose a topic that was somewhat related to topics that are being covered in books (web design) but one that no other author has covered (church website design).