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'Gatekeeper' by Brad Barber

Title: Gatekeeper
Author: Brad Barber
Price: $18.48, paperback; $8.78, ebook
Genre: Sci-fi/Futuristic/Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-4303-0060-1, paperback; 978-1-4303-0060-1, ebook
Publisher: Lulu Press
Point of Sale: lulu.com/content/418849

Gatekeepers, or Rodjinn, are powerful entities endowed with strength, battle skills, the ability to fly, and immortality. Conceived to protect humans once all the demons are imprisoned, The Gatekeeper may choose living a human life or guarding the Nether-realm Gate. One particular Rodjinn chooses life as a human forfeiting all his powers. However, other forces beyond his power decide to revive his Gatekeeper skills.

Rodin escapes his pursuers in Jamaica, after stealing a pair of pants and gun from them. Flying within the safety of the clouds, he decides to return to the states, reuniting with the friends he left several years prior. Choosing New York as his final stop, Rodin rests under brush in Central Park where Curtis Richardson captures him. Curtis and his partner, Dylan Roberts own Paranoraco, Inc., that specializes in locating and destroying anything paranormal. Unknowingly, recruiting Rodin lures a supernatural menace to Paranarco’s doors, triggering a recollection of his deeply buried past.

Many readers will enjoy this intriguing futuristic paranormal with its large cast of tough, convincing characters, energizing its quick plot while providing a vivid pictorial read. As Rodin proves his weaponry skills, even displaying his unnatural super strength, he joins Curtis’ combat force to help defeat the El Chupacabras uprising, in South America. Enlisting additional expertise and support, Rodin calls five of his friends; sharpshooter Clinton Parker, computer geek Devs Bailey, aircraft engineer Kasey White, demolition expert Robert “Bob” Johansson, and his former girlfriend, Lisa Taylor who excels in hand-to-hand combat. Needing access to illegal weapons, Rodin suggests employing Jah, the man he ran from in Jamaica. Paranarco’s two-man operation quickly grows into an elite paranormal fighting team.

Though the dialog seems flat, detached at times, the suspense resumes when the group is caught off guard by the number of Chupacabras’ attacking, having more then doubled in quantity. They successfully obliterate the nest and the aggressive herd, leaving them with minor injuries but an eerie sense of defeat. The Chupacabras’ fearless and challenging behavior alarms Curtis, remembering their inclination to flee from aggressive conflict. Also, their eyes never glowed red.

Their battle is far from over as Rodin’s old nemesis emerges from his prison, threatening not only his comrades but the safety of the world…again. Gatekeeper is…absorbing…plenty of action…combined with a plausible story line makes for an entertaining read.

RATING: 7/10

Reviewed by: In August of 2006, Pamela broke into book review writing with Erotic Escapades, but writes for The Erotic Bookworm, The Muse Book Reviews, Romance At Heart, and now POD People. Her own web site, Chewing the Bone exhibits book reviews in multilple genres, including children and young adult fiction. With all that she has going on Pamela finds time to dabble in flash-fic writing. Although, she doesn't aspire in becoming a published novelist, because it would take valuable time away from her first love... reading.

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The Brad and The Ron said...

Hello, this is the author Brad Barber. Thanks for the good review. I'll be writing the second one and re-releasing the first one (a revised edition) as soon as I can.