Thursday, March 15, 2007

Alas, Poor POD-dy Mouth Blog

The top Pod blog out there had to be POD-dy Mouth and now it is closing. Authors wondering we we mere POD People often take a long time to respond should take a look at her last post. One of the great problems with running an site about self-published books is keeping the message targeted to readers and trying to remain responsive to the high volume of enquiries from writers. But any review site, and any self-publisher, succeeds only when they interest readers more than peers.

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meika said...

except 'the reader' as a mass audience is a product of mass production technologies, and they are becoming outmoded, so the 'readers' will be too.

I think what you're saying is currently true, but we are approaching a time (when the oldies die off) when there are only peers, when the global village becomes one vast coterie of readership, blogs like yours will hasten this process, even as you look back to the good old days of mass culture, when coteries of gatekeepers reviewed their friends' books and developed canons for the young to read.