Thursday, August 31, 2006

'White Lightning Road' by Harry Gilleland

TITLE: White Lightning Road
AUTHOR: Harry Gilleland
PRICE: $11.95 (ebook 3.57)
GENRE: Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4116-8693-9

Harry Gilleland demonstrates some mastery of plot in telling the story of two heroines finding the love and lifestyle they deserve. First Jennifer returns to the her family home after her parents' deaths and bumps into her neighbor--a man whom rumors say killed the drunk-driver who destroyed his family. Also back in town is Sally divorced and starting over with her young son. Jennifer has to decide whether she can trust her mysterious neighbor--Sally struggles to make it on her own in a new city where her boss starts to make unwelcome suggestions. Both women end up with a very satisfying love-mate and home.

Although the plot is centered upon romance the execution isn't really in that genre. The entire book is in present tense and we never really get deeply into the point of view of either heroine. At times characters behave in jarring ways. Jennifer's moods and attitudes seem erratic and her response to some situations a little credulous. Her love interest, Michael, states that Jennifer has "replaced" the place of his late wife in his heart which could be phrased far more sensitively. Sally's story takes up only the last third of the book and the hero of the piece is so lightly described that their pairing off seems to be mainly a matter of tying up loose ends--especially after a more lovingly depicted man is dropped from the story allowing a 'villain' character to get her way.

'White Lightning Road' sketches out a romance story with great potential but fails to really capitalize upon it.

RATING: 5/10

10/10: Lulu

9/10: Amazon

10/10: Bookreporter

6.3/10: Mrs Giggles


REVIEWED BY: Emily Veinglory

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