Saturday, July 15, 2006

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OUR GUEST BLOG -- Self Publishing / Morris Rosenthal

DESCRIPTION -- "Print on Demand and ebook publishing have created a whole new model for self publishing. Are POD and digital books the answer to our prayers, or just an evolutionary step between traditional self publishing models and free Internet distribution?"

PICK OF THE POSTS -- POD versus Print on Demand Publishing

"I used to get all worked up when I saw POD being used as a generic term for books from companies like iUniverse, Lulu, PublishAmerica, xLibris and AuthorHouse, but I've concluded that it's silly to fight against the tide of language usage. I imagine there are some lawyers at Google who are bothered that using their Google as a verb will result in trademark dilution, so compared to them, I have nothing to lose by going with the flow. Too bad I was born a salmon."

THE QUESTION -- Has POD People commited a semantic sin? Does anyone care? Yes, Print on Demand is a technology used as much by publishers as private individuals, but SeP People just doesn't have the same ring to it....

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