Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'The Hawk Flew South' by Phineas Narco

Reviewed by James Buchanan

TITLE: The Hawk Flew South
AUTHOR: Phineas Narco
PRICE: $13.05; e-book: $3.13
GENRE: psychological thriller

This is an interesting and sometimes compelling story of a man’s battle with mental illness. While the author does have some thought provoking things to say, they tend to get bogged down within the framing of the story. Time and again, I found myself skipping large blocks of text. Now as a reviewer, I made myself go back and read them, but it was often hard to do so.

The Hawk is written in both 3rd and 1st person POV. While I understand the concept in trying to show how unattached the Narrator sometimes becomes in his own life it made it hard to follow and often destroyed a scene. Further, the 3rd person character of Nervous Man disappears half way through the book and never comes back. No explanation or epiphany is presented to explain this.

I am certain there are people who will find something meaningful within the novel. There are some grabbing scenes. Overall, however, it could have done with a little more sorting out.

RATING: 5/10

10/10: Lulu



-=-Phin said...

Thank you for the feedback. I basically agree with your assessment and had even suspected some of the things you said but wasn't sure.

To me, I think the 'think-sequences' were what begged a 'skipping down' in the reader and could use trimming while the 'scenes' described are often compelling.

I will probably do a second edition of this novel based on some notes I'm making. Part of the advantage, I think, of the POD format, at least through LULU is that you can do different editions of the same book.

Again, thanks.

-=-Phin said...

No, I think I'm going to let the book stand as it came out of me. I can't change it in response to a review because then another reviewer is going to come along and critique it and then if I change THAT then another reviewer... suddenly the critics are writing your book for you. If there are things about it that I feel need to be changed, then I will save those insights to be applied to the next book.

BTW, you left out the word 'with' in the last sentence of review. You might want to proofread your writing a little more thoroughly.