Monday, January 30, 2006

Lurkers Speak Up

There's a little button just at the bottom of this message that say 'COMMENT'. Please let us know why you dropped by. Are you the author of a self-published book, or considering becoming one? Are you a reader of self-published books? Just pipe up and say hi, and let us know about your own websites, blogs and books.


Anonymous said...

One detects a bit of loneliness on the part of the POD People. Here you are with a clean, well-intentioned product and nobody seems to be stopping by to check it out---or if they do, they don't say a word; they just slink away silently.

And this is quite fitting as it is the very same cold, brutal, lonely reality that we POD publishers live within on a daily basis: All dressed up and no one's looking at us and telling us we look purty; hell, no one is even looking at all!

Please be patient, POD People. You are new & unknown. Stick to your guns; retain your integrity; hold fast to your principles & aims, and just keep on KEEPING ON.


veinglory said...

Currently we get about 20 unique visitors a day... not bad for a start. But I am interested in honing in on what these visitors are looking for--to do my best to provide it! My goal is to get us to 100 visitors a day by the end of the year :)

Anonymous said...

100 per day shouldn't be a problem as long as the reviews continue to have some depth and keep coming.

Keep advertising in forums like lulu, absolutewrite,, etc.

And please keep the site as clean & uncluttered as it is at present.

You are helping to sharpen the cutting edge in publishing.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am not a lonely lurker at all; just a lurker. Publishing my book with a POD company has been an exciting adventure. My 15 min of fame with our local newspapers has been a shot in the arm. I only went POD because I did not consider myself a very good writer; but had a great story to tell. Turns out, from the comments of readers, maybe I should have tried the traditional route. It is nice to come to a POD blog and free like you fit in. For that I thank you. Keep on writing all; if only for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Emily,

Just dropping by from the Absolute Write forum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!

Visiting from AW. Your site looks good, and I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Your site looks nice. I'm just visiting from AW, although I'll also add that my husband, also a writer, has contemplated going the POD route as well - too many rejections from the traditional route. We're educating ourselves about POD to see if that is the route he'd like to take.

Lynnevive said...

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emeraldcite said...


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